We have taken the same approach of another non-profit, www.charitywater.org, which allocates its total public donations to its cause and does not use any of the money to pay for office staff or paper for the printer. We want to take this same approach and allocate any public donation to directly cover the cost of the cleanup process. Anytime we have funds donated, we will use 100% of those funds to help reduce the cost a family would have to pay for crime scene cleanup. We hope that, one day, we can provide this service completely free of charge. We try to keep our cost low by training our team to properly distinguish what is hazardous and what is not, in order to ensure that all biohazard waste is being packaged correctly and sent to our medical waste hauler. We believe the proper tools will make the cleanup faster and safer, so we have invested in the best tools available to complete the cleanup process.


Ways we raise money to help keep our mission alive

We wanted to insure we can keep our doors open and be able to help any family or business and thus we have teamed up with companies that believe in us and want us to succeed. Their donation of time, resources, monetary as well as advise has been helpful in keeping our mission alive.

Mattress B Gone has teamed with us to help families. With every Mattress recycled they donate $5 to help our cause. Money Raised from this partnership helps us to keep the doors open. They Have also helped us with office, utilities, warehouse space and Utility vans to be able to help other.


This is a program we created to help raise money to help both The environment as well as helping people with the daunting task Of cleaning after a loved one. Bins are placed in businesses to help provide recycling of cans, bottle, Glass from their employees or customers. We try to raise funds Anyway we can to help keep our doors open.