How First Responders And Government Agencies Can Help

Texas Emergency Cleanup Services cleans bodily fluids and hazardous materials that result from homicide, suicide, crime scene, and unattended death. Our compassionate team has the knowledge and expertise to restore, decontaminate, and disinfect these heartbreaking crime scenes.

Our non-profit was founded after my family experienced a fatal violent crime, and left in shock when we found there was no government agency we could call for cleanup.

While there are countless compassionate first responders and government employees who wish they could do more, due to conflict of interest, they can’t even refer victims of violent crimes to any for-profit Houston cleanup services. However, you can refer us.

You Can Refer Families, Victims, And Business Owners To501(c)3 Non-Profit Organizations

Because we are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, there is no conflict of interest, and law enforcement, fire departments, first responders, and other government agencies can refer our services to those in need.

You can do so with the confidence that our motivation is to ease the stress of an unthinkable time. We operate with highly skilled staff, many of whom are first responders. We keep our costs low by generating a substantial portion of our income from our partnerships with businesses that donate portion of their profits to our cause. We charge only for the cost of cleanup and cap our costs, so there is always a clear expectation.  Just like these for profit companies we carry General Liability Insurance and all of our vehicles are under a commercial policy.

Here is our direct contact information for questions or referral. Alternatively, you can reach out to request brochures:
Texas Emergency Cleanup Services

4370 Highway Suite 168,
Houston TX 77084
Phone: 888-333-3171
Fax: 713-510-7907